We're Rethinking How You Deal with Employee Benefits.

At Higgins Agency Group, we offer tailored business solutions delivered with unmatched service. Our unique approach allows us to customize a strategy aligned with the goals of your organization.

We Offer You:
  • Administrative Simplicity
  • Peace of Mind
  • Confidence Compliance Will Be Done Correctly
  • Help With Avoiding Penalties and Fees
Get to Know Us

Our Core Values



We put great care, interest and effort into the work we do. We recognize, acknowledge, and appreciate the contributions of our team members and ourselves. We do our work and serve our customers in a way that we can stand behind and be satisfied with at the end of each day.


We believe in ourselves and each other. Grounded in our commitment to our customers, we trust our decisions and actions. We have the ability to take initiative, make decisions, and follow through on those decisions, even when that means changing our course based on new information and circumstances.


We can free ourselves and our customers from excess worry, and the stress it brings, because we/they know that ultimately all will be taken care of. Whatever comes our way, we will be protected and provided for. And the resulting experience of peace allows us to be content and able to do even better work.


We are not satisfied with the status quo. We are always pushing forward, and pursuing—or creating—better ways of doing things. No matter how good it’s going, we’re always looking for better—and those pursuits are encouraged, acknowledged, and rewarded.


Our work involves many moving parts and is always changing, but we invest the time and commitment needed to stay current and relevant. Regardless of what may pop up, or even take us by surprise, we keep our eyes forward and maintain our commitment to our customers, ourselves, and each other.

Meet Our President and Founder

Jeremy Higgins


Since 1999, Jeremy has been working directly with hundreds of companies in improving their operations. His areas of expertise range from accounting to payroll, human resources to employee benefits, and more.

Our founder’s years of experience in those industries led to the creation of Higgins Agency Group.

With the relationships he built along the way, he is very proud to have assembled an amazing team and network of partners who are like-minded in his desire to help provide the best solutions for companies.

Why Higgins Agency Group?

  • Focus On Detail

    From the moment we meet, we listen intently on the concerns and dive into the details of your current program. We have developed some unique but simplistic processes to allow us to help capture critical data needed to design a solution customized to the exact needs of your organization. The details of this data are the building blocks for a better solution.

  • Design Process

    Our team takes a very thorough approach to the design.  We consider all the factors and variables with multiple solutions.  Funding arrangements, carrier selection, cost analytics, benefit designs, employer needs and employee needs are all weighted into the process for us to eliminate the unsuitable choices.  This narrows down the best of the best options for us to help you make the most informed decision.

  • Implementation Process

    With the design complete, we then turn our focus to making it happen. Implementation is unique to each company. We use a combination of group meetings, one-on-one meetings, webinars, online enrollment systems, carrier-specific applications, and/or simplified applications.   Employee education is essential for success and we are very hands on in this process not only with the employee but the spouses as well. Meetings sometimes need to be conducted before or after normal business hours. Whatever the specific needs may be, we assist to ensure a smooth implementation.

  • Ongoing Service

    Once implementation is complete, keeping the employee benefit strategy on task in an ever-changing business environment can get challenging.  Our team is here to help with anything the day to day may throw at you such as new hires, terminations, qualifying events, legislative changes and/or business changes to name a few.  You will be assigned a dedicated support team so you will always have a person familiar with your organization to speak with.